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Winter Sowing Video

It's that time of year! Here in Ohio we've had a couple of warm days, the home improvement stores are putting their seeds and trowels on display and yet it is TOO EARLY to plant anything outside. We are still in for a few more snow flurries and early planting is just going to give your local rodents a treat beyond the ordinary. So what's a gardener to do?!

***Enter: Winter Sowing***

Winter sowing is the answer to our woeful prayers. The basic idea is to make a tiny greenhouse out of recycled jugs by filling it with potting soil, seeds and a little water. And the best part is, you can do it NOW! No pesky vermin, no winter worries. Check out the video below to get a start your winter sowing mini greenhouses:

In the name of recycling, I'd like to pass on some informational sites to help you with all of your winter sowing questions:

Trudi Greisle Davidoff (The mother and all around Queen of Winter Sowing) has set this informative site up to spread the good news of winter sowing.

*Trudi also has a Winter Sowing group on Facebook where she herself is an avid participant.

The first site I learned about winter sowing. It is simple and full of factual nuggets.

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