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The 2022 Grow Along is Here!

Hi there, hey there and a big ol’ Dottie’s welcome to the Officially Unofficial Opening Ceremonies of the 2022 Grow Along (*cue the whizz-bang fireworks display*). In true 2022 fashion, I’ve decided that we will be participating in TWO of Botanical Interests Collections for our Grow Along. Without further ado:

Ø The Florist Cutting Flower Collection can be purchased here and is for our growers interested in bright colors, long stems and blooms all season long. Don’t worry, I’ve perused the inventory and the flowers are easy enough for the most novice growers. If you are to encounter any trouble or questions and I’d be happy to help a friend out. Just find me on the Instagram or Facebook.

Ø The Children’s Garden Collection is available here. This is my attempt to encourage you (and myself) to get our kiddos excited about the great outdoors. The garden collection has some seriously unique options like pink popcorn and mini sunflowers. It also touches on classic garden staples such as tomatoes and beans. It’s a tempting veggie variety even for those without children in their gardens.

*Please use the links provided, as they are affiliate links. I promise any money made off of seed sales will go back into seed purchases! *can't stop, won't stop*

Ok, step one is to order your seeds. Then what? Well, myself and others in our group will be discussing planting, planning, growing and harvesting all year long. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for weekly videos, posts and discussion about our 2022 Grow Along. We’ll utilize our social media to create a grower’s community. I’m excited to offer you support and encouragement to get out, do good and grow!

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