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Top 4 Reasons Why Winter Sowing is the Best Way to Start Seeds

Winter sowing is a method of planting seeds that allows you to plant early and grow strong, healthy plants. Created by Trudi Greissle Davidoff, winter sowing is the process of making a small greenhouse out of recycled plastic containers that will protect your seeds until it is time for them to sprout. When your seeds do sprout they will be weather tested and ready to go.

I took a few minutes to outline why Winter Sowing is so very awesome. Read below. If you are short on time, I have typed the main points in bold. That way you can skim and still wow and amaze your friends with your vast knowledge of all things winter sowing.

Winter Sown beauties

It is easy.

All you have to do is make your little greenhouse, put it outside and wait for the sprouts to show up! You don’t have to fight off squirrels and chipmunks. And if you get a cold spell (or even a heat wave) you’ll know that your seeds are safe in their little plastic houses.

It is cheap.

Ideally, you will be using a recycled container like a milk jug, OJ container (my personal favorite), take-out containers, etc. Then, yes, you’ll have to buy seeds and potting soil. The rest of the items you probably have on hand; duct tape, a knife or drill, scissors and some sort of marker.

Your plants will be strong and healthy.

The freeze thaw cycles that your seeds will experience outside are the same as if they were naturally sown from a mother plant. Your seeds will grow into strong little seedlings thanks to being exposed to the changing temperatures outside. They will also need little to no hardening off. All you have to do is open the lid!

You start now.

You don’t have to wait for ideal temperatures to plant your seeds. Winter sowing takes place any time after the Winter Solstice (which was back in December). While you are sitting around catching the winter blues, you could be wrist deep in potting soil getting your seed on! It gives you something to do in these quiet winter months. Winter sowing also gives you something to check on outside when not much else is going on. You will catch yourself outside more often than usual, peeking into your containers and whispering sweet encouraging words to your little seeds.

Now that I have convinced you to join me on my quest for easy seed starting, check out this blog post for a more detailed how-to.

For winter sowing advice straight from the source, visit Trudi Greissel Davidoff's site:

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