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Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice, the darkest day. After winter solstice, daylight will start to lengthen. Here at Dottie's, we celebrate this as the start of the new growing season. Once the sun starts to stay out a little longer, it is prime time to start winter sowing your seeds. This will ensure that they won't get too leggy -and ultimately floppy- reaching for optimal sunlight. No one likes a floppy feverfew...

SOOOO what seeds do you sow? How do you sow them? When is a good time to plant these buggers? I know you must be itching with questions. Therefore, I've resolved to PARTY HARDY this year. Throughout the winter months I'll review some of our top winter hardy cut flowers that you can sow with the winter sowing method described

It all starts with the arrival of the sun on Winter Solstice. So grab your potting soil, dust off those garden gloves and bid adieu to the gloomy winter darkness. Let's get this season started!

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