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5 Easiest Places to Buy Fall Planted Bulbs

We've all been there. You forgot to order bulbs at the right time. Or maybe you are new to the game and don't need 4,000 pink tulips at wholesale price just yet. Better yet, you may be a home gardener excited for a spring landscape and just don't know where to start. Or you know where to start but don't have the time to run around to different stores. Whatever your case may be, I've sorted out my top 5 vendors who aren't wholesale, yet offer the most bang for your buck. That way you can tell yourself you are getting a good deal and buy twice as many. But it will be justified, because the price is right and spring is going to be soooo beautiful!

5. Walmart/Sam's Club (in store only)

OK. This goes without saying, Walmart is Walmart. You can save a bundle here. But, what you save in price you will forfeit in quality and variety. That being said, I DID see some double tulips this year so they may be branching out in the variety department. I have also snagged SUPER cheap bulbs on clearance but had issues with bugs. But, like any true gardener, when they are so cheap YOU CAN'T JUST LEAVE THEM THERE!


If you know me at all, you know I love my Aldi. When it comes to fall planted bulbs, this is no exception. Their prices are super affordable (I found 25 tulips for $4.99) and the bulbs are top notch. They even carry quality bulbs like Foxy Foxtrot (that sassy lady) in mixed bags. Unfortunately, I think many people have caught on to this deal, as I have found these bulbs harder to find this season compared to last.

3. Longfield Gardens

I could spend DAYYYYS looking up online suppliers and comparing prices. Each supplier seems to have their individual niche where value and quality come together. At Longfield, it is definitely their "Bulk Buys." They package quality bulbs in groups of 100 and sell them for $40. This is comparable, and cheaper at times, to wholesale pricing. I should probably mention that they also have exceptional customer service.

4.Your Local Garden Center

Waaaa Waaaa... of course I'm going to support LOCAL! For us, this is Gale's Garden Center. Yes, their prices may be a tad higher than wholesale. But, they know and recognize my family, they support local jobs, and they know their stuff! Also, they have a BOMB sale at the end of the season, just saying... I'm sure your local garden center is similar. Go check it out!

5. Dutchgrown (online supplier )

Dutchgrown, oh Dutchgrown, how I love you so... Dutchgrown is based in PA, so I feel like I am shopping "locally" to my zone with them. They are one state over from us and have a vast selection of fall bulbs, corms, perennials, etc. Their prices are fair and they are always running some sort of sale, either a % off, free shipping or their great end of season sale. I was highly impressed with their product last year, and they usually ship in a crate that you can recycle for garden use.

Trending this year: Flower farmers who blog are also selling their extra stock. TAKE NOTE: Not me. It's not cheap, but if you have read and learned something from a blogger, I find it noble to support them. Also, they usually are high quality items worth a splurge. Like these italian ranunculus corms I got from The Farm at Oxford:

Also, I am always trying out different online suppliers. The ones i mention are not the only good ones out there. They are just the ones that I have tried out and providedme with an enjoyable experience.

By picking and choosing from this list you can get a solid collection going and reep the rewards come springtime with showstopping blooms.

With love,


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