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How to Plant Tulips When you Don't Have the Time

So you've bought your tulips, you've waited until the ground has cooled and now it is time to get those babies in the ground! Or is it? There is a popular method of planting tulips (daffodils too) that is a "no dig" method. *mouth hits floor* Yup. NO DIG. Implemented and tested by Ruth Stout (Dave knows all about her: ), this no dig method claims that you can place tulips on a weed barrier like cardboard or hay right on top of the ground. Then, you just mulch over them. The end.

I read a collegiate study recently and of course can't find it now. Let's pretend it was from Garden State University, class of 2002lips. Anyhow, this prestigious study broke down exactly how much mulch you would need and claimed that you should use a minimum of 4" but up to a maximum of 8". I would second the 4" opinion, especially here in Ohio, where you run a chance of freezing your bulbs. 8" seems a bit excessive.

So let's review shall we? The Ruth Stout Method of planting your tulips is: lay down your weed barrier, sprinkle your bulbs on top (you can put them as close as eggs in a carton), cover with mulch, grab yourself a Hot Toddy and an exuberant high five (preferably from Toddy).

I should mention that I have used this method to plant and it is extremely simple and satisfying, yet costly. If you don't have mountains of mulch or compost readily available you will run up quite a bill quickly. My preferred method for tulips is the trenching method explained soon.

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