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Everyone has that group of friends that always has your back. Here at Dottie's I am thankful to have a whole gang of ferocious female farmers lending support.  Lady farmers from throughout Northeast Ohio have joined together to support one another and bring you the best blooms of the area.  We have various sized farms, varied experience and individual character. The love of flowers and passion to share local product in a simple manner brings us all together. Scroll down to meet the women that supply The Collab.


Meet The Team

The Traveler

Emily, steward of Frayed Knot Farm, is our west side connection. Many of you may recognize her from her successful CSA pick up in Ohio City. Having apprenticed in New York, we are grateful that Emily has set her roots here in the Cleveland area. She grows regeneratively and brings much knowledge to The Collab. She also stewards breathtaking cuts. From fabulous foxglove to brilliant sunflowers and other heirloom varieties, this farmer is definitely going places.

The Veteran

Having over 20 years of growing experience, Rosie from Field of Blooms has seen it all. Rosie's farm is host to workshops and fabulous projects. You name it and Rosie has done it. She brings a wealth of knowledge to The Collab as well as drive and motivation. Rosie is our "go to" for ranunculus. She has mastered the art of the year long eucalyptus harvest and boasts a stunning portfolio of greens and dahlias.

The Heart

Karen and her crew of ladies are core players in The Collab. They operate Sweetbay Flower Farm as a true family affair. Karen and her four daughters plant flowers, crunch numbers and host events in seamless coordination. Sweetbay offers an abundance of perennial cut flowers, which are the true heart of any garden. They have a vast selection of hellebores, peonies, clematis and dahlias to offer to the group.

The Trendsetter

Flower bar anyone? Elisabeth is an urban farmer and flower bar owner of The Arlington Garden in Fairport Harbor. As one of our only city dwelling gals, The Collab looks to her for trends and retail input. Elisabeth grows annual cut flowers and boasts some of the best zinnias around town. She has a great passion for growing and a keen business sense which makes her the perfect addition to the team.

The Brains

Say hi to Alex of Fogle Farm! With a degree in Chemical Engineering, no problem is impossible for Alex. She is always considering every angle and preparing for what's to come. This makes her a top notch cohort for The Collab. Alex is planning big things for her perennials in the coming years. She also has a smashing variety of the best annuals; scabiosa, cupcake zinnias and double click cosmos to mention a few.

The Organizer

Catie is owner and operator of Dottie's Flower Farm. She specializes in annual cut flowers with an ever-growing CSA delivery. Catie's incessant need for efficiency has made her a great candidate for organizing and hosting The Collab. As a mother and farmer, she appreciates the value of your time. Dottie's has a large selection of daffodils, tulips, summer annuals and specialty sunflowers coming up this year.

The Team

Mary Beth and Christopher own Heaven Scent Cut Flowers. They run like a well oiled machine to pump out dreamy stems. Mary Beth chooses and grows the perfect color schemes: Think cremes and blushes and salmon. And Christopher does everything from heaving and hauling to marketing and networking. Their teamwork pays off with some of the most exquisite blooms to contribute to The Collab. Heaven Scent Cut Flowers provides roses, ranunculus, larkspur and dahlias as some of their signature cut flowers.

The Rotation

We have an amazing crew of up-and-coming farmers with select stems to offer The Collab. There are also some veteran farmers that dabble in the art of sharing stems. If you grow in NE Ohio and are interested in selling your cut flowers through The Collab, reach out. We'd love for you to join the team.

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