Antirrhinum Majus Maximum Appleblossom/Orange Wonder - A match made in heaven.  The punch of Orange Wonder's creamy sorbet colors dabbled with the dreamy soft rose tones of Appleblossom. Both varieties are a sight to behold in the cutting garden.  Snapdragons are a cutting garden staple. These two varieties are a modern twist on a classic tale.  Growing up to three feet tall, snapdragons add height and stature to your patch. The tiny seeds need light to germinate and are cold hardy. These razzle dazzle beauties require 120 days to maturity so plant them out as soon as soil can be worked. You can stagger plantings or pinch to provide blooms throughout the season.  Snaps slow production in the heat of summer but will pickup again with cool autumn weather. 100 seeds per pack.

Snapdragon WonderBlossom