Nigella Damascena "Jewels Mix" - Also known as "Love-in-a-Mist," Nigella is the unicorn amongst gardeners. It is the bloom that raises the question "Now what is THAT?" Being an herb technically, you can wow your neighbors claiming the black cumin nigella is a mystical flower of magical properties and wondrous benefits. When your friends guess what the benefits are, be sure to respond “No” to the first two and exclaim “Exactly!” to the third, bewildered by her wit and imagination. This should lead to some intense verbiage, followed by apologies and profound befuddlement… where was I? Oh yes, flowers- The flowers arrive in a beautiful and airy fashion ranging from reds and pinks to blue, indigo and white. Jewels Mix is my favorite variety as it allows for a myriad of color combinations. Some may say no two seed packets are alike. Possibly the snowflake of flowers?! If left to seed, Nigella produces fantastic seed pods that can also be used in dried arrangements. Nigella seeds are teeny tiny and need light to germinate. They tolerate frost well a.k.a. cold hardy and can be direct sown as soon as you can set your bum on the ground without yelping (that's very scientific, you know?!). At 60-80 days to maturity, Nigella grow quite quickly. Nigella don't like being moved about. They will grow taller (topping out around two feet tall) if you give them some sort of chilling, either naturally outside or pop the seed packet in the freezer a few weeks before sowing. These little buggers need to be sown in small batches if you would like blooms and pods all year long. I would suggest sowing every two weeks. Or not. Your call. 400 seeds per pack.

Nigella - Jewels Mix