Godetia Grandiflora Tall Double Mix - Nicknamed "Farewell to Spring," Godetia thrives at the beginning and end of summer.  Yet, having a maturity rate of less than 90 days Godetia is one of the most versatile stems for a gardener to grow.  Not only is she frilly and fabulously vintage, but Godetia is renowned for her sturdy, almost willow-like stems that grow up to 3 ft. tall.  This is a one and done bloom.  DO NOT pinch stems as it will pinch out the flower.  For best results, stagger plantings 1-2 weeks apart with a gap during the worst heat of summer. Godetia is cold hardy and a fabulous reseeder.  She needs light to germinate and doesn't take to transplanting well, so direct sowing is recommended. Godetia thrives in shoddy soil and won't produce well if fertilized.  Think sandy soils and temps under 80. 100 seeds per packet. 

Godetia Tall Cutting Mix