Chrysanthemum Parthenium is a FYF (First Year Flowering) perennial.  As the prestigious cut flower grower that I am ...*crickets*... I grow feverfew (and all her FYF perennial friends) as a cold hardy annual.  This classic cut flower checks all the boxes for an easy beginner flower. Feverfew has that je ne sias parthenium that takes your bunch of flowers and turns it into a bouquet.  The small clusters of flowers, that are oft mistaken for miniature daisies bring that va-va-voom that everyone looks for in a fresh cut bouquet.  Loved by pollinators, feverfew has somewhat of a mounding shape and will grow up to three feet tall.  Feverfew will easily self sow because the small seeds need light to germinate.  Allow 100-110 days for maturity. If you work your seasons correctly, it will eventually sow itself and free your time for more pressing matters such as cocktail parties and finding those little forks you use for appetizers... 100 seeds per packet.