Anethum Graveolens- Repeat after me, "Dill has fantastic ferny foliage." It is true, my friend.  Although it is known for its pickling and herbal characteristics, dill also makes an excellent cut flower and a fantastic ferny foliage.  Dill is uber beneficial to our pollinators, especially the black swallowtail butterfly.  It is cold hardy (the flower, not the butterfly) and will benefit from a little exposure to the cold. Whether the stratification is done naturally or from your Frigidaire is up to you.  Seeds need light to germinate, so don't cover those bad boys!  With proper stratification, dill can grow up to 4 ft tall. Dill will show its fabulous yellow blooms in just 50-70 days from seed. Succession planting is recommended for a consistant harvest.  500 seeds per packet.