Celosia Spicata Flamingo - This heat loving annual is a true workhorse throughout the summer days.  Celosia is a branching grass (sometimes referred to a wheat celosia) which makes a great cut flower and an excellent dried flower as well.   The tiny seeds need light to germinate so they can be pressed into the soil when sown.  Flamingo is one of the most sought after varieties because of it's small, dare I say ombre?!, tufts of feathery goodness. If it was up to me I would've named it Unicorn Magic. But it wasn't, so I didn't. This ethereal grass is what we call a triple threat.  Just me. I'm the only one that calls it that. But with good reason! She is a stunner in the field or landscape (growing up to 3 ft. tall), celosia is in the top ten best cut flowers and she is also the dried flower that keeps on giving. The pinkish silver glimmer of the Flamingo variety is versatile in weddings, dried holiday bouquets and eye catching wreaths and swags. Celosh (that's what I call her, cuz I'm le cool) will flower in 90-100 days. Since she withers at the first sign of frost, celosia hits hard in late summer and will bloom til frosts.  We're packing these 25 seeds per packet as she is high value and worth every penny.     

Celosia Flamingo