A bundle of ten packs of cut flower seeds.  These seeds are easy to grow for beginner gardeners.  Each variety is chosen to create a stunning pallette and to produce smashing cut flower bouquets, all the while serving to teach the garden novice a bit or two about the frilly world of cut flowers.  Follow Dottie's Flower Farm on Instagram and Facebook for our 2021 Grow Along. The Grow Along will provide tips on planting and growing your Beginner's Bundle.  You also have the option to receive "Grow Along" info straight to your email. The following seeds are included in your Beginner's Bundle- Amaranthus "Green Thumb"Celosia Spicata "Flamingo"Centaurea Cyanus/Bachelor's ButtonsNigella "Jewel's Mix"DillGodetia "Tall Double Mix"FeverfewSnapdragon "WonderBlossom Mix"Zinnia Elegans Dahlia "Sweets Mix"Cosmos "Sensation Mix"  *All photos are property of wholesaler and considered "stock" photos. * Free shipping within the U.S.  Sorry, we cannot ship outside the U.S. at this time.  We accept Paypal, Credit Card or Venmo. If Venmo is preferred, choose "offline payment" and send total due to @Dotties_Flower_Farm via Venmo.

Beginner's Bundle - Cut Flower Seeds