Amaranthus Hypochondriacus Green Thumb - Green is always in style. Green Thumb is a way to reach beyond the bupleurum, mountain mint and random cuttings you took from your neighbor Randy's shrubbery.  Beside the health benefits of this pseudocereal (how about THAT ten dollar word?! *eyebrow raise*), amaranth is a smashing cut flower. Also, HR has just informed me not to encourage you to eat our seeds as we are insured as a cut flower farm and cannot take on your health woes at the moment.  The Hypochondriacus group is a bit shrub-like in appearance (take that, Randy!). It grows around 24 inches in stature and branches nicely for cuttings galore.  Amaranthus is half hardy and sun loving, meaning it cannot survive our winters here in easy freezy Ohio.  It needs light to germinate.  So press those little seeds into the soil without covering. After about 100 days your green warriors will be ready for cutting. 100 seeds per packet. 

Amaranthus Green Thumb