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CSA Subscriptions: Welcome


 Supporting local farms and families

CSA Subscriptions: FAQ

Community Supported Agriculture


Our Subscription service is loosely based off of a CSA structure. CSA is short for Community Supported Agriculture and encourages a direct relationship between Dottie's Flower Farm and the local community.  Because members join Dottie's before the growing season begins, we are able to buy seeds, supplies and tools we need without going into debt. We are also able to buy inventory in larger amounts keeping costs low for our local friends and investors.  Our subscriptions are a commitment to deliver seasonal harvests of our best and most beautiful specialty cut flowers.

  • Members can choose between a Half Season (3 month) and a Full Season (6 month) Subscription.

  • Flower deliveries consist of Market Bouquets containing about 20 stems.  Bouquets of this size would typically sell for $25 at your local grocery store.

  • Our flowers are picked and delivered in the same 24 hours so you are guaranteed a fresh bouquet every delivery. 

  • Dottie's Flower Farm is committed to growing flowers with organic practices. We don't use harsh pesticides or toxic chemicals. We do, however, give our flowers loads of love and attention.

  • CSA subscriptions are our main priority. Our focus is to share local flowers with local flower lovers.  This means members get the best blooms! 

  • We are currently delivering to all of Lake County and surrounding areas. If you live outside of this area and would still like to subscribe, please email us at to set a pick up location.

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